Data & 快速的事实

Best online community college in Illinois.
96% Student Satisfaction
JWCC ranked 2nd-safest community college in the nation in 2022

General Information

  • 成立: 1974
  • 颜色: Green, Black, Yellow
  • 吉祥物: 开拓者
  • Athletic Conference: Mid West Athletic Conference, NJCAA Division II
  • 总统: Dr. 布莱恩·伦芙洛
  • 识别: The Higher Learning Commission, Illinois Community College 董事会, Illinois 董事会 of Higher Education
  • 经济影响: 2200万美元


  • 25+ associate degree transfer programs (1st 2 years of a bachelor’s degree)
  • 50+ certificate/applied associate degrees (train for immediate employment)
  • 期间,英语, Adult Literacy
  • Customized Training for Business
  • Personal Enrichment Courses

Cost (学费/ Fees) (2023-24)

  • 170美元/小时. 在地区
  • 每小时280美元. 然而
  • 200美元/小时. online (regardless of residency)

Fall 2022 Enrollment

  • Enrollment:  1,728
    • First-time Freshmen:  27.4%
    • 持续:35.9%
    • 返回:5.0%
    • 传输:7.6%
    • 其他:24.1%
  • 兼职:51.7%
  • 全职:48.3%
  • 男:37.96%
  • 女:58.6%
  • 性别:3.41%
  • 平均年龄:24

2023年秋季 & 工作人员

  • Full-time 教师: 48
  • 联系 (兼职) 教师: 107
  • 全职员工: 107
  • 兼职人员: 39

School Districts Served

  • 悬崖边上的
  • 布朗县
  • 中央
  • Griggsville-Perry
  • 自由
  • Meredosia-Chambersburg
  • Pikeland (Pittsfield)
  • 愉快的山
  • 昆西
  • 东南部
  • 团结
  • 西方


  • 昆西校园, 1301 South 48th Street, 昆西
  • 劳动力 Development Center, 2710 North 42nd Street, 昆西
  • Agricultural Education Center, 37803 St. 104号公路,贝利斯
  • Mt. 英镑 Education Center, 108 N. 国会大厦,太. 英镑
  • Southeast Education Center, 39637 260th Avenue, Pittsfield

District Information

  • 区大小: 2,363 square miles
  • District Population: 93,100
  • 2018 Tax Base (EAV): $1,688,498,113

Office of Institutional Effectiveness

The mission of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) is to promote continuous improvement at the College, maintain integrity and consistency of College data, and provide internal and external stakeholders with data that allows for effective decision making.

请 beta365 with any questions you may have.

The OIE works with all service areas to compile the annual 项目评审 reports.  The 项目评审 serves a dual purpose at the JWCC:  (1) it is a requirement of the Illinois Community College 董事会 (ICCB) and for continued accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), and (2) it is a formal process that allows the College to evaluate all of its programs to ensure improvement at the College.  Each program, both academic and non-academic, is scheduled for program review on a five-year cycle.

The IPEDS Data and Feedback Report compares JWCC to a peer group of institutions on data collected through the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS).

The High School Market Share Report is produced annually by Enrollment Services.  The report includes data on students that graduated, 申请JWCC, and enrolled at JWCC by district high school and targeted schools outside of the College’s district.

Each year the OIE produces the 转移报告 which has data on JWCC students that transfer on to four-year institutions.  That report is produced by merging institutional data with data from the National Student Clearinghouse.

After each fall and spring term, the OIE produces the 保留 Report which has data on JWCC students from the previous fall/spring term.  The objective of the report is to gather information on retention and attrition to serve as benchmarks and indicators of student success at the College.

JWCC is accredited through the Higher Learning Commission of Colleges and Schools. JWCC is an Open Pathway participant with the next comprehensive evaluation scheduled for 2022-2023.